Halibut Fishing Alaska

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Halibut Fishing Alaska

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Halibut Fishing Alaska

Halibut Fishing Alaska – In Search of the Big One

No fishing trip to Alaska would be complete without plying the depths for the planet's largest flatfish. Halibut are legendary in America's most northern state, and the deep ocean waters around Sitka hold a large quantity of scale-topping giants.

At Kingfisher Charters & Lodge, we commonly catch halibut in the 30-40 pounds range, but we put our guests in a position to catch a true trophy "barn door" halibut on every excursion. Even catching smaller halibut is a test for any angler, as the mid-sized fish are often relentless and maniacal when they fight. Still, catching the "big one" is high on every angler's list when they travel to Alaska.

Going with the Tide – Halibut Fishing Alaska

Finding and reeling in a halibut is challenging enough without being forced to deal with strong tides. The waters around Sitka do not have strong tidal currents, which enables us to fish for halibut at any moon phase, and any time of day. This is not possible at many other popular Alaska fishing destinations, and it's another way Sitka stands out.

Slack tides also mean that when you hook into a big halibut, you will be fighting the fish and not the current. Our experienced guides are recognized locally as top halibut producers, especially when it comes to quality Alaska halibut. We do our fishing for halibut with either jigs or baited circle hooks – whatever is working best. Because Alaska halibut seldom swallow the hook, we can release the small ones and target the higher quality fish.

Alaska Halibut Fishing

Halibut Fishing Alaska – Meat for the Table

Anyone that's eaten halibut knows it's simply one of the most delicate and mild fish in the ocean. Even people that say they don't like the taste of fish often become enamored with halibut from Alaska. Filling your freezer with halibut will make you the envy of your friends back home and, considering the cost of fish in the marketplace, provides you with a cost-benefit for choosing an Alaska fishing vacation.

We ensure that your catch stays fresh by handling your halibut with extreme care when it's caught, and then vacuum sealing the meat before it's flash-frozen. Alaskan halibut meat processed in this way will stay preserved for more than two years in your freezer, but you'll be lucky if you have any halibut left after that long.

Join Us for the Best Halibut Fishing in the World

If you've ever dreamed of halibut fishing Alaska waters, and fighting with the biggest fish of your life, then we would love to have you as a guest at Kingfisher Charters & Lodge. Halibut fishing in our area is incredible throughout the season, and we almost always limit out on both halibut and salmon. Contact us today to plan your next Alaska fishing vacation, and we will lead you to places where the big halibut are waiting.

Halibut Fishing Alaska
Halibut Fishing Alaska

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