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We Put Sitka On The Map

Seth Bone is a life long resident of Sitka, Alaska. He opened Kingfisher Lodge in 1990. Kingfisher Lodge provides topflight lodging on Sitka Sound with its stellar fishing opportunities. Join our lodge's many satisfied customers on your next vacation. Client referrals have helped our small family lodge and charter service grow from a one man operation to a top Alaska fishing lodge. Kingfisher Charters contracts with operators who run modern, fully equipped charter boats for the safety and comfort of our customers.  These guides are experienced, professional, and competitive, their goal is to put you on the fish.

Our goal: To provide our guests a top quality lodge and charter fishing experience conducted by a friendly & experienced staff of hard working professionals that                                                                                                          provide great service to our clients.

Alaska Fishing at its Best

You will Be Targeting All of the Fish Alaska is Famous For

Another distinct advantage of choosing Sitka as your Alaskan fishing destination is that you're able to target all of the game fish for which the state is famous. You'll go fishing for dime-bright, ocean-run Alaska salmon right in the path of their migratory routes, targeting kings throughout the season, and silvers that really get going mid July.

Bottom fishing in our Alaska waters is also top-notch, and you'll target pacific halibut, several species of rockfish, lingcod, and sablefish.  Best of all,  your fishing adventure will allow you to target all of these species in a single day, and it's routine to limit out on salmon and halibut daily.  Additionally, Sitka area waters offer access to sablefish (aka black cod) when ocean conditions permit.  Sablefish is a deep dwelling bottom fish that is one of the best eating white fish (if you like Chilean sea bass, you'll love sablefish).

When You're Serious about Fishing, You Choose Alaska

Come and join for an unforgettable fishing adventure.  If you're serious about your fishing, there is no better destination, and we want to help make your fishing dreams a reality.


When Fishing In Alaska Location Is Everything

When you spend your hard earned money on a fishing trip in Alaska, nothing is more disappointing than getting stymied by the weather. The weather in Alaska is unpredictable and often as untamed as its wild past, making fishing difficult in some Alaska regions. However, Sitka stands out as a premier fishing destination because our contracted charter operators are able to work around bad weather and rough seas.

Sitka is nestled right along the Alaska coast, with the ocean on one side, and the Inside Passage on the other. On days where the weather cooperates you'll generally head offshore into the ocean, but on days where the winds and waves make the journey less desirable you can go fishing in the protected bays and passageways of the inside waters. Being able to go fishing every day throughout your trip is another way Sitka stands out from other Alaska destinations.


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