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Salmon Fishing Alaska

Salmon Fishing Alaska - Kingfisher Charters & Lodge

If you've ever been fishing for salmon, then you understand why they are one of the most sought after game fish in Alaska, and the world. Salmon grow large in Alaska waters, and they are dogged, tenacious fighters that can reach speeds of over 55 miles per hour. Best of all, Alaska salmon are plentiful and relatively easy to target.

We fish for salmon directly within their migratory ocean lanes. This translates into world-class fishing for dime-bright, feeding salmon that are just as incredible on the dinner table as they are on the other end of your fishing line. Unlike salmon caught in rivers that are at the end of their life cycle and starting to deteriorate, these salmon are still in their prime and this is part of the reason that Southeast Alaska is a top-tier salmon fishing destination.

Salmon Fishing Alaska – Understanding the King or Chinook Salmon

King salmon are the largest salmon species in the world, and the biggest ever caught was landed in Alaska waters. Sitka sits adjacent to the feeding grounds used by these big king salmon as they migrate south along the coast. These ocean-run fish are shiny, metallic torpedoes that feed with wild abandon in massive schools.

The king salmon offers a true test for any angler, not only for its size, but because of its outrageous speed and tendency to run directly toward the boat when hooked. Tangling with a trophy king salmon over 50 pounds sits atop many anglers' list of the best fights they've encountered on any fishing trip.

We give you the best chance of catching king salmon up to 70 pounds by supplying you with the finest of gear, and employing both mooching and trolling techniques, depending on what's working best. Fishing for salmon is an art, and we believe that it's best to always be flexible when it comes to how we approach the fish.

Alaska Salmon Fishing

Salmon Fishing Alaska – Going for Silver

Silver salmon are far more than just "runners up" when it comes to fishing Alaskan waters. For many, fishing for silvers even surpasses fishing for kings because they are always plentiful and fight with reckless abandon, often leaping from the water.   Hookups often come just as fast as you can get your bait or lure back in the water.

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If you're ready to experience real Alaska salmon fishing then give us a call. We will help you pick a time of year that works around your schedule and whatever type of salmon fishing you would like to do. We also target halibut and other bottom fish on our charters, and we commonly limit out.


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