Fish Processing

On Site Fish Processing

On-Site Alaska Fish Processing- Since the fish you'll be catching are as tasty to eat as they are fun to catch, the handling and processing of your fish is very important, especially since you'll want your catch to make it home in perfect condition.

At Kingfisher, your fish is cleaned and iced on the boat, then transported to the lodge by our staff at the end of the fishing day. You can watch as our expert cutters fillet your catch, cut it into one pound pieces, and vacuum pack it to prevent freezer burn. Your fish is then flash frozen to 30 degrees below zero in one of our walk-in blast freezers.

No Way You Can Buy Fish this Fresh and Good Eating

Throughout processing your fresh caught Alaska fish is kept separate. You will be guaranteed that you will be taking home your own catch. Your fresh caught frozen vacuum packed fish will be packed in wet-lock insulated boxes.  Even a 24 hour trip home, your catch is still frozen upon arrival at home. All of the careful handling and processing means that you will be eating the best tasting halibut, salmon, lingcod and rockfish anywhere.

Your fishing package includes unlimited fish processing.


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